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do talking therapys work



ok i would like to ask any one do they think talkin therapys work,as at the mo there is alot of talk about spirits ect which i do respect but at the same time not every one agrees with this so i think respecting all views is a must as everyone has there own belive were voices come from so as a lot of voice hearers agree there is no meds that can totaly stop voices i just wanted feed back and discussion on talkin threapys as i have seen dr richard bentalls name mentioned who has some intresting views on voices so lets get the ball rolling take care deano69


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Nov 24, 2008
Fear is the first thing I had to overcome, to gain control of my experiences.

To some seeing voices as spirits may be helpful, to others it can be quite frightening, depending on your culture and religous beleifs.
Talking about the voices, can be very helpful for reducing fear.

Also after a while, it is possible to see the "Patterns" or how the content of the voices does in fact relate to the way we feel about them, and about ourselves. Regardless of what we beleive the origin of them to be.

I find that having something inside my head- be it a voice or a problem, it is harder to deal with. Once I talk about it with other people or family, I get another perspective. I can see it more clearly. Or even writing it down. and reading it later, when calmer can be helpful.

AS everyone seems to be realising now, there is no brain disease, or chemical imbalance. We are all just people, who portray our experiences differently.

Perhaps because we are often so alone, and are taught to behave in a certain way, the general population has forgotten how trauma, and grief can affect a person.

Sometimes I think of it like,
You go to visit a friend and they treat you badly, or say something horrible.
some people may react by getting an uncomfortable feeling.

Others get a thought that says Im not happy.

While others get a face and a voice telling them how utterly miserable and pathetic they are.

Like some peoples brains are on text message, others get a phone call, while others have a direct video link with stereo sound.

Yet all three are ways of our emotions expressing themselves.

I do beleive in spirits also. But often they can be there just to show us the same thing- how to deal with our lives and our emotions.
Some people can have a mixture of all experiences.


hi thanks for the reply!!yes i di aggree fear is a major factor to my own experiance fear to me was in my words if broke down means




this can also be used in stigma aswell which is a negative we all have own own belives when we first start hearing voices but when accepetence and understanding come in i feel we have control to a certain sence and then actully recogniseing is another factor,as far as the spirits is concerned i dont actully disagree as in the hvn movement we accept all beliefs!!to some it may be hard but to others its a way of survieing like your self or just haveing your beliefs which i do respect,talking therapys to me is a must in mental health but is so easy for chemical"cosh"as i see it allthough not totaly against meds i do belive that talking therapys is more advanced then pharma!!!thanks for the links on john read!!yes it was a bit of luck!! lol also hope you enjoy the talk by dr richard bentall take care hope to hear back DEANO
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