Do real friendships exist?

Do you have someone you call a true friend?

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Aug 31, 2017
I don't know, I never had real friends, even if there were people who didn't hate me, they didn't want to have something to do with me. Even if there were people who were fine with talking to me sometimes or meeting me sometimes (very rare), I always felt like there were giant emotional distances. One year ago or something I met people for the first time ever who gave me the impression they really liked me. I thought I had finally found friends who really deserve to be called like that. We told us that we will never be apart and a fundamental part of each other's life. Today nothing of that remained true and I am completely alone again and very disappointed and hurt. I understand there is no way I will ever have a true friend but I always ask myself if is just me and other people do have those friends? Maybe my soul is just too damaged and usually true friendships are the common thing, I don't know.


they do exist, but they're extremely hard to find, through the many friendships I've had I could probably only count on 1 hand how many are and felt real, most of my friendships break down within 2 years, so usually if it lasts longer than that I know there's something there
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