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Do people who know you hear voices, constantly ask what they say?



Sep 12, 2020
  • Identify your attacker. Know his or her name, status, workplace and motives. If you have actually done something wrong, mentally apologise. Visualise your attacker smiling or shaking hands with you.
  • You can only hold one idea in your conscious mind. Place it on something that’s good for you, that you control . The idea in your mind has to be beneficial for you and others. For example , hold the idea that you have to breathe in and out and to follow that breath in order to gain relaxation. Don’t waste your concentration and the one-idea-space of frustration.
  • Visualise a white light coming through your crown chakra and bathing you like a river flowing from heaven.
  • Say mentally : „I want you to leave me alone.” Add a reason to it to make it stronger such as „...because you are doing a wrong thing.” Or you can say „I desire that you leave me alone.” Or „I desire this to stop.” . Or „I am not amused” or „I am confident that this is a joke.”
  • Make plans and stick to them: Follow a diet, say you will write something beautiful for 5 minutes every day and stick to it or work out.
  • Know the truth about yourself – what you eat , how you interact with people , what your life goals are , what are your weaknesses, what are your strengths, what you like, what you dislike, what you remember pleasantly etc.
  • Think positively. Imagine yourself on a beach with the waves smashing against the shore. Feel the sand underneath your feet and say „I want this.” Get creative. Have fun. Psychic attack thrives on negative emotions so avoid them. Everything is going to be okay. Be grateful and celebrate.
  • Ask God for help. „God, I want you to help me repell this.” (in a civilized and respectful tone).
  • Laugh at the psychic attacker and at the negative thoughts. Ironize and crack jokes on him or her.
  • Use logic and DEMAND PROOF THAT SOMETHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Use reasoning. „If I am a smart guy/girl with good principles and intelligence then how can I do something like that or something like that happen to me or why should I feel like that?”


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Jan 24, 2018
I only disclose to the doctors, but I do not mind disclosing to them as it helps me keep the voices away.