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Do my symptoms seem familiar?



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Dec 26, 2014
Hi :)

I'm new here, so I'm not sure if I am doing things right so please let me know if I am posting in the wrong place! I am posting in the PD forum as this is perhaps the most relevant to my symptoms.

Basically, I am here to ask for an opinion from those who understand mental illness as to whether my behaviour is "normal". I have never discussed my feelings with a doctor and I have only told 2 boyfriends (after a long time) and both of which had their own diagnosed problems so weren't bothered or said that my behaviour is normal. I don't want to self-diagnose any problems, so I was hoping that if anyone could help me out.

To keep it short, I'll bulletpoint examples:
- My emotions are unstable and I have very sudden changes in mood if something gets on my nerves (e.g. I got really angry in a phone call yesterday where my boyfriend called someone's mum hot?!)
- I feel emotionless... I don't feel happiness and I don't feel strong feelings like love, even though I am very much in love with my boyfriend. I have also lost my sex drive A LOT
- I am very affected by social media (e.g. I get jealous over people very easily, I get angry for others being in a relationship even though mine is perfect, I compare myself massively)
- I can't make friends very easily and find it forced. I can't be myself around people and act according to how I feel they are as a person e.g. if it's a girl I am usually serious and don't make jokes even though those who know me know I joke a lot.
- I therefore have very few friends and those who I do make friends with are only temporary people e.g. people who I talk to outside lecture until their friends arrive
- I used to put myself down a lot for this and self-harmed since around 15 and have been clean around 6 months.
- However I go through stages of unhappiness and then when I am happy, I am scared knowing that a stage of 'depression' will come again
- I am completely obsessed with looks. My boyfriend refuses to talk about my hair / body with me as I am that obsessed with it. I always NEED to fulfill my potential to be perfect and I think about my looks almost all the time
- Very awkward and antisocial - I don't enjoy clubbing and I rarely go out if asked (unless with people I am very comfortable with) in case I look awkward or if I feel uncomfortable

There's some examples, thanks if you bothered to read all! I have no idea whether my behaviour is normal, yet if it seems as though the symptoms indicate a mental illness, please comment and let me know...

Thank you all! :)


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May 30, 2012
small town Ontario, Canada
Hi Annie it sounds like your having some anxiety, self confidence and selfesteem related issues. Have you ever been to psychologist or therapist. Writing out everything you've written here and showing a psychologist they can offer real help that makes a difference in your daily living and in how you see yourself. They can teach you tools to cope and to build your selfesteem and selfconfidence. I'm only a member but I think you may find it really helpfull. Talking out things on here really helps as well. You will get a lot of understanding and good advice.


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Welcome to the forum, Annie.
I do think that seeing a doctor would help and (hopefully) getting a referral for some kind of talking therapy.
At the end of the day, I think if these things are affecting your life and well-being, then I think it's wise to reach out and get some more support.
It does sound like there are issues with your mood and your anxiety around relationships with people.