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Do I really have depression? or is something else wrong?



New member
Oct 21, 2008
I was diagnosed with depression in April 2008 and have had a hard time ever since. I am on my 3rd medication with better results and side effects than the previous ones, but I am just not where I would like to be.

The part that bothers me most about my depression is the thoughts of harming others. When these thoughts intrude into my mind, I get an extreme case of nausea and anxiety sets in. I have done a lot of reading online about depression and nowhere can I find that thoughts of harming others is a symptom of depression. I have had most of the other listed symptoms for derpression though(feeling down, no energy, no appetite, weightloss, anxiety, memory and concentration issues)

Has anybody else experienced these feelings like you are going to harm another person which was related to depression? I am very disturbed by it and am worried my doctors have misdiagnosed me.


we cannot diagnose but depression and anxiety have many effects on different people.
In what circumstances do you feel like you want to hurt someone? are you just lashing out, frustrated about something or just angered by others?

it takes time to come to terms with a diagnosis and work out what is the best medication, each time you have a side effect let the doctor know, as one side affect could be antisocial based, who knows.

it also takes time to get where you want to be and maybe that is why you feel like hitting out.

also check out ocd as this can include unwanted thoughts and is related to anxiety disorders and depression.

being disturbed and worried about it will only add to the problem, so you should go and see your doctor again maybe.

take care

ps, your not really a loanshark are you.


New member
Oct 21, 2008
Thanks for the advice. It is true that it takes time to figure out a medication that works. I am on my 4th, just haven't found one that gets me back to 100%.

Thanks for the reply.

p.s. Im not actually a loan shark, but I do work for a finance company, sort of an inside joke at work.
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