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Do i need help?????



New member
Jan 4, 2009
Hi i'm wes 31 yrs male. For the last month i have been able to sleep so i'm getting really paranoid, i can no longer go any were as i feel as though people are talking about me, i start to shake with fear, My thoughts are repeating them selfs, like on fast forward.I go into my own little fantasy land thinking about what i'd to do to these people who are talking about me, which is very clear images of killing them.I also have the feeling someone is pulling my hair all the time so i've shaved it off, now it feels like some one is pocking me in the back off my head. i amnot eating, and can have different mood daily. full of enengy to having none at all. please will someone tell me what is happening to me.


Hi Wes - no one on here can give you a diagnosis even if they were qualified to do so.

You should go to your GP and talk it over with them. Lack of sleep, whether it's the cause or the effect, can make our minds and bodies behave in strange ways.

We'll give you the support you need but you really must talk to a doctor.


Well-known member
Jun 15, 2008
North West
I agree, you should see your doctor. Lack of sleep makes any underlying problem worse so don't delay in getting yourself some help.


Jan 4, 2009
United States
I have those times where I can not sleep, but as soon as I notice
a change in my sleep pattern, then I know I am going through a
high state. It is best to talk to a doctor about it, I am on meds
to help me sleep, and when I am having difficulties, my doc usually
wants to increase the dosage during that time. The more you
are not able to sleep, the worse things seem to get. Best thing
is to get professional help.

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