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Do I need help?



Nov 17, 2008
West Midlands
Hey all,

I need some advice. I don't know if what I'm experiencing is linked with bipolar disorder, but it's the only thing I can relate to right now.
Earlier this year I was diagnosed with depression, since then I have reached a few crisis points, however, none were severe enough to put me in hospital.
I have tried to be as open as possible about what I think and feel, however, I've not been entirely honest with everyone about certain things I go through.

I seem to be experiencing extreme mood swings, and by extreme I mean how rapidly they change. Last night I got upset, for what I reason I don't know. I cried for hours, then straight after, and I mean that quite literally, I felt as high as a kite, to the point where I was silly and talking to myself. I can't remember what about though. I ended up staying up all night re-designing my website and heading off to work at 7am, with no sleep at all. When I got back I felt awful! I slept then from 4pm until 12am. I'm feeling OK at the moment. I have notice that this kind of thing will happen a few times a month.

Now, I know there is something wrong with this picture, it's not just "me being me". I guess I'm just scared to face reality and to admit to myself that something is very wrong. My family hasn't noticed any of this lately so I can't turn to any of them.

I'm not sure what to do now. What do you guys think?


Hello Jamie and welcome

If it continues, it wouldn't do any harm to chat to a GP


Well-known member
Jun 15, 2008
North West
Welcome to the forum Jamie.

I would agree with Twylight. If you are concerned about the stability of your mood, a trip to the GP wouldn't harm and they would be able to discuss it with you further, what type of symptoms you've been having and refer you to a specialist if necessary or suggest treatment options


Jan 2, 2009
i am no expert and i am not diagnosed, but i thought that the "episodes" that people with bipolar went through didn't changed that quickly, i thought that they went on for weeks, do not take this as correct info because i am not sure!

and u should go and see your gp. x


There are several kinds of bipolar disorder and some of the cycles can go on for a long time. The rapid cycler though will change mood at least 4 times a year, the ultra rapid cycler will change moods at least once a month, the ultradian rapid cycler (which is my particular kind) can experience at least 4 mood changes in a day when not stable.

Extremities of mood don't have to mean a big problem - if you're taking anti d's then this can make highs higher and lows lower.

My first port of call would be to the GP to make them aware of the situation and to ask for a medication review and a visit to the psych to talk about the extremities.

Just be honest Jamie - that's really the best way and good luck.
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