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Do I have social anxiety or am I just extremely shy?



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Jul 9, 2013
Currently, I live in complete isolation. I don't have any friends here and I don't know how to make them. All my life I have struggled to make friends. The thought of speaking to others scares me. When people talk to me, I just give them the most generic or awkward responses (I lack any personality) and I feel an urge to get away from them. I am afraid of starting conversations partially because I don't know what I would say or if the other person even cares and I just feel anxious for reasons that I don't even understand. The worst feeling is when I try to talk to someone and just get ignored. This alone has discouraged me from speaking to others.

I remember a long time ago I gained the courage to try to reach out to someone and make friends with them. After talking with them a bit in class, I decided to sit by them during our lunch break. They gave me a weird stare and I felt very rejected. This made me feel horrible and I never tried anything like that again. Now even considering doing something like that gives me anxiety and it feels like an impossible task.

Maybe an explanation of the difference between the two would help.
You should ask your mental health team if there are socialanxiety courses out there that can help. Also i go on a forum which i find helpful for social anxiety and its www.socialanxietysupport.com/forum i find it helpful

also have you ever considered joining a mental health club....these are places mentally ill folk can go to participate in art creative writing, health management or group therapy to name but a few activities or else just have a coffee......there u will meet nice humble, understanding pepole who have been through it.....id look it up, ask your mental haelth team......having social anxiety would qualify you for membership and if not you can just say you have depression aswell


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Dec 9, 2020
Failure inspires winners. And failure defeats losers. It is the biggest secret of winners. People who avoid failure also avoid success. There is no chance of success without a chance of failure. Every failure is a lesson. If you are not willing to fail, you are not ready to succeed.
if you want something bad enough your willing to look stupid to get it

i wanted to solve philosophy, so i had to get used to getting my beliefs destroyed. eventually i fell in love with that pain. i got addicted to it. which always leads to eventually destroying yourself. the final belief that is almost impossible to fully destroy. people devote their whole lives to trying

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