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Do i have PTSD?



New member
Dec 30, 2018
Hi all, I'm asking the question here, as I feel like if I go to my GP, I might be wasting their valuable time. I've always connected PTSD with people who have much more terrifying experiences than I ever have, soldiers and victims of horrific car crashes for example, but I'm beginning to wonder if I also have a form of it. I feel that I'm being over dramatic just saying it, but I'm was in an abusive relationship for 10 years (aged 16 - 26.) I tried to leave the relationship for a very long time, but also felt trapped there.
I got out of it 7 years ago, but almost every night I have a reoccuring nightmare that I'm trying to flee the relationship but feel trapped somehow. This has been going on for the whole 7 years since I left.
I wake up feeling exhausted and emotional.
Im Remarried now and my husband is amazing, but I don't want to tell him about this as every time I've mentioned it to someone else, they seem to jump to the conclusion that this means I still have feelings for my ex. I find this a ridiculous concept but I would hate this to come between my husband and I.

A goblin

Dec 26, 2018
sounds like you do have trauma related to this relationship. ptsd can be caused by toxic relationship, your feelings are valid, and seeing a therapist isn't wasting their time. one can go seek medical advice from stuff ranging from mild anxiety at school to war trauma but both are equally entitled to it. i'm sorry you had so many people reacting badly when you told them about your nightmares. i'm sure you'll find supportive people to talk about it. don't feel pressured to say more than you're comfortable to tell of course, it comes little by little :^)