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Do I have OCD



New member
Nov 16, 2018
Hey folks

Am not sure if I have OCD but hope anyone reading this forum may help I have over the years also a thing of touching anything in a room house outside And my body but (not private part lol ) if i touch anything I have to keep repeating it and can be hard to stop. Anything I think of I can go into overdrive in my head where all sorts of thoughts go through my head .


Well-known member
Nov 11, 2013
Hi Jeff.. I am not familiar enough with OCD to comment.. but I know that tons of people here on the forum can.. So see what comes up as replies and keep posting... it often takes some time for people to log in and say OMG I totally get where he/she is coming from. So let us know what you need and be strong...or as strong as you can, which is good enough!


One of my family who has since moved had OCD, and from what I remember she had certain behaviours and rituals that she repepeatedly used to control her obsessions. She was a hoarder, too. She suffered anxiety, so part of her ritual was to arrange and keep in order her cosmetics. Plus, she washed her hands frequently and was checking door and window locks.

- I then had a look around on Google and found, for example, some with OCD may have an overall sense that something terrible will happen if they don't follow through with a particular ritual, such as repeated checking to see whether the stove is on. If such fail to perform the ritual, sufferers of OCD may have immediate anxiety or a nagging sense of incompleteness.

- That said - importantly you should not self-diagnose, but talk to your doctor. A diagnosis of OCD is based on your symptoms, your medical history, and a physical examination which my aunt said is a general procedure with a GP. Many people with OCD (aunty said) live with the condition for years and go without treatment because they are afraid or embarrassed to talk to a health professional, so I stress that getting a referral from your doctor to see a counsellor would be a good step first. :)