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do i have bi polar? if so what do i do?



ok, so im writing this on behalf of a friend who ill be giving your answers back to...

im a 14 year old male but i think i have bi polar disorder, im experiencing symptoms that websites and other sources have told me are the same as bi polar symptoms:
- big mood swings for no apparent reason.
- frequent thoughts of death.
- loss of appetite for days.
- i have self harmed.
- moods where i feel very hyperactive.
- short tempers.
- sometimes i feel like i want to be alone and with someone at the same time.

I dont want to tell my parents because I find it hard to talk to them and I'm not sure if they would brush it aside or not believe me. It's the same problem with my older brother and sister?

Do you think I have bipolar, is there anyone I can contact without involvement of my parents and is there anything in the short term to reduce my symptoms


No one on here can diagnose another person who posts on the forum. Any diagnosis would have to be made by a psychiatrist after referral from a GP.

Websites can give you a lot of information but they're not always accurate and are not substitute for interaction with a qualified person. Any number of people on here will tell you how easy it is to misdiagnose yourself.

Go to your GP and ask them to keep the visit confidential but be aware that if they think you are at risk your parents would most likely be notified.

Without a definitive diagnosis it wouldn't be helpful to give advice about reducing symptoms.

One thing I will say though is that you go through tremendous hormonal changes at your age and those can produce some strange feelings.

Good luck and let us know how you get on. xx



thankyou for your advice.. ill pass it on to him.. i mean, the main problem is who to tell, parents would be an obvious choice but like you mentioned at his age they may dismiss it as hormonal changes when as you know, these huge hyper active highs and depressive lows are not particular common among teenagers to such extremes..


Aug 12, 2008
Tell your friend that if he doesn't want to talk to his parents that he should go to his school counselor and talk to him/her. They can provide some support however it is in my opinion that he should ask for a referral to a counselor or psychologist. They will run a full assessment of his symptoms to find out what is going on. A good therapist will not dismiss his moods as hormonal. It has been confirmed through research that the earlier a diagnosis is made the better the prognosis so I think it would be a great idea for your friend to go and talk to someone. Does he have health insurance??? Most plans include mental health services which can help with the financial burden. Let me know how he is doing and what is going on.

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