Do I have an eating disorder?



Jan 4, 2016
Hey guys.

I'm seeking a general opinion about my "condition". I am watching my weight since I'm 15, like many girls I believe (I'm 27 now). I'm 5 feet 7 inches. I had always maintain a healthy weight until a year ago.

I was having lots of sleep problems and I decided to changed the way I ate last year. Also, I was starting to see a guy, so I wanted to "look good". So I lost some weight. So since a year, I'm now skinny. I maintained my weight by depriving my self to eat snacks, desserts, and by always controlling my portions and I rarely eat carbs.

Right now the guy I was seeing left me, so being heartbroken, it's easy not to eat since I feel like throwing up all the time, but in the normal life, I'm always controlling what I eat and I'm often hungry. I love seeing my bones, it makes me feel like at least I'm controlling something. I'm looking at pictures of myself when I was my original weight I think I look fat (although I KNOW I wasn't). I'm always looking at my reflections in the windows, mirrors, I have a little bit of fixation on my tights. This fall I purged twice on purpose after a too big meal. Now I stopped since I felt really bad after. In the past, I have done other stuff so my appetite would be reduced. But this is, again, really not something I'm doing regularly, but I've still done it. so I'm wondering : Do I have an eating disorder? Or an undercover eating disorder?

I'm never skipping meals and I try to eat all food groups....I just don't know. Right now I lost few pounds again because of my heartbreak, everyone tells me I'm too skinny, and it just feels great :S
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