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Do I actually have Derealisation or am I psych-ing myself out



New member
Sep 15, 2019
Around midway last year I started getting the feeling of what one would describe as derealisation. for about hours or a couple days on end. I felt like nothing could be decided by me and I was trapped inside my own body with no choice but to sit back and watch in horror. THe world around me sort of fazed out. I remember feeling like this for a week at one point. The thing is, I haven't had a massive trauma in the past and I've never suffered with such things before. I havent gotten it in a while and it seems to only happen when Im most depressed. (I suffer from S/h and depression).


Well-known member
May 31, 2019
나의 두뇌 / Mo theach
Sounds more like depersonalisation to me! I have it and i used to feel the exact same way. You don't necessarily have to have trauma to have it. It can be accompanied by depression or anxiety
For me it was a good mix of childhood trauma and depression.
I hope it gets easier for you! I know how scary it can be.
Good luck :hug1: