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Do any of you falsely accuse people of things?



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Founding Member
Apr 27, 2008

I have had a bit of a couple of days. On the flimsiest of evidence I accused my hubs of having an affair, threw him out and started planning my single life.
This is not normal behaviour for me. I am just not the jealous or suspicious type. It is not something that had been building for a while, the poor bloke has no time for an affair. I wasn't aware of feeling paranoid and no one had said anything. The only thing I can think of is that I have been feeling very vulnerable the last couple of weeks. My mood is stable.....on the low side but not desperately so.
Anyway, on the basis of seeing two female names on the search history of my lap top (that he had not tried to hide) I decided he was having an affair and completely lost the plot. I demanded that he leave.....he refused and I threatened to take myself and kids to the social work office and declare us homeless. ( in normality I would never ever ever approach the SW dept. I detest them) He went to his mums.
Anyway, I slept on it and this morning I realised how ludicrous the whole thing was.Hubby contacted me and we spoke. He was able to tell me why the names were there and there was no cause for worry at all.

I don't do this sort of stuff! Yes, I have accused people of things but not hubs, mostly strangers or doctors. Sometimes I have accused my hubs of trying to take my kids from me but never an affair.
I felt vulnerable before this but even more so now. I don't like insecurity in my life. I thought my days of blowing my top for no logical reason were gone.



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Jul 1, 2011

I've done this loads of times - but in my case it stems from having a lot of previous partners/husbands cheat on me. Ive also done it when I have been relatively stable.
I frequently get into the mind state of overanalysing things - everything from if a text isn't answered, to the phone not being answered or switched off, even silly little things can set me off!
And you are right, these thoughts get out of control very quickly and after you have 'lost it' and done all the accusing it sounds absolutely ridiculous.
I am finding I am improving though - I stop and think before I let my thoughts run away with themselves, and rationalise things a lot better now.
I think it sounds like you were just having a 'blip'....hopefully your hubby understands, and you can put it behind you.

Thinking of you

Angie x