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DMT trip in my sleep.



Oct 28, 2018
This experience us not translate able in this form. Let me say, I hate all you telepaths. If I could know if the aliens weren't real people and just borrowing them in other ways they can create scenes I would love their guts right out of them. I just had the single most amazing experience of my life besides them involving someone I hate who very well could be a part of it. He is but I don't know what he's aware of. I hate his guts. Besides him I love those cute girlish alien voices. They took me through a wormhole, showed me building blocks of letters and numbers. They let me levitate, they showed me my face. They made movies for me, sang songs to me and told me stories. This shit is real and I'm never doubting it again. What I did was right and no I didn't ingest any DMT. Just phenomenal stuff. I crashed an asteroid in my mind, they were supposed to protect me but it was all fun and games. Being human is terrible outside of stuff like that, forget all humans, I hate them, I want to be an alien baby. This was amazing, all a lucid dream but real. I was shown things no one knows, because it was orchestrated through my mind. It was beautiful. Curse you Terrence McKenna for having money and curse you aliens or people letting me get tortured and abused and curse myself for the know all see all. Nothing can be explained in this box.