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Jul 31, 2008
Worcestershire, Great Britain
The thing about dla is by a vagury of the benefit system, if you get dla at the middle rate for care and are living alone you also qualify for the severely disabled rate of income support, dla in itself isn't much but the total with income support is worth a lot

A lot depends on your circumstances, i beleive dla at the high rate gets you the disabled minimum income guarantee

I'm having difficulties with what i'm getting now, the women upstairs came off her meds she's now got a cpn who's promised new furniture and benefits, makes me think, i could threaten to need hospital treatment at 1000 pounds a week but what if they expect me to go through with the threat, feeling pretty catty meow
Interesting. I never knew about the income support bit, but then again I don't live by myself, so it's not relevent at the moment.
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