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Distorted Understanding of Reality Link to Chronic Anxiety



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Jun 28, 2018
South Africa

So I've been thinking about this concept for a while - and discovered part of its applicability within myself. I find that in my journey with these issues, my understanding of reality is extreme - either exaggerated or under-exaggerated. I also find that I am overly paranoid and have bad trust issues - which shape the way I see people as well.

Here's the thing though - this is not reality. So it got me thinking, what is the link then between chronic pain and the way you view the world? Most importantly, how do you change it without simply being mindful of it? Is there a way to change? It will like anything, take time - so as we are the sum of our accumulated efforts/actions etc; so will we be the sum of the accumulation of the reverse.

My goodness psychology is interesting - and there's so much potential here.