Disabling fear of the doctor / hospitals



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Jan 24, 2018
Hello everyone, thank you for reading. I'm hoping the mere sharing of my problem will offset some of the anguish this situation brings me.

I have a phobia of doctors / hospital, simple enough but one that prevents me from ever visiting one and getting reassurance for certain ailments. Not only that but I see every niggle as a sign of cancer and literaly have spent the last few years convinced I'm dying.

A hypochondriac with a doctor phobia ... a potent mix.

I remember going to a doctor as a child but very rarely. I have had a fear for as long as I can remember. I recall being a child, teen, 20 something (and now late 30s) and being terrified on the "inevitable diagnosis" of something bad.
I have a number of issues right now that I am so desperate to have reassurance on but can't bring myself to book a doctor appointment in case he / she tells me I am dying ... and I have convinced mysef he / she will.

The concerned look on a doctors face, the hospital time, the intrusive tests and then the waiting .... it just disables me with fear.

This is really affecting my life. My relationship is suffering. I struggle to focus at work. I snap unnecessarily at the kids. I find it difficult to look to the future. I feel cowardly and pathetic and I am just so miserble and depressed.
The anxiety of me thinking "I might die" is more preferable that the anxiety I experience thinking about the doc, tests, waiting etc.

Its irrrational I know and is really really getting me down :low:

I struggle to sleep and then when I wake I just hope for many distractions to help me through but mainly fear the day ahead.

Its well and truly out of hand and I really need help. Even writing ths blog knowing a doctor may read and comment themselves causing me to panic, I feel hopeless with it.

Any advice or shared similar experiences will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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Jun 23, 2016
Health anxiety and fear of doctors yes maybe you could ask for a phone consultation with your doctor instead of face to face and write down what you want to say before hand so you don't forget anything.

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