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Difficulty trusting my own judgement.



Nov 4, 2008
Cambridge, UK
Do any of you feel that your viewpoints or decisions are worthless? Or that your wishes are irrelevant?

Well, I think thats been the way I've been feeling for the past few months. I feel that nobody takes me seriously or respects my decisions over my own life. I suppose I don't really trust myself anymore.

For instance, in my view my housemate has her TV on too loud. Its never on at unsociable hours, but nevertheless when it is on, it is loud - I can hear it very clearly through my walls and it disrupts my enjoyment of my own flat. Should I complain to staff? Should I approach her myself (she never listens though), or I am just being unreasonable?

Six months ago I would be able to judge the situation but I feel I can't anymore. If it does turn out that I am not being unreasonable, I don't think I have the strength to push forward my complaint.

Thanks for listening.



Former member
Hi Robert,
Your post has really hit the nail on the head with me today.
You wouldnt believe the kinda day I've had trying to get some pain killers I went to the out of hours and a voice at gate said go home n the doctor will call you, the doctor called 3 hours later n said you have to come to the out of hours centre. So I said to the lady "which bright spark told me to go home " You can image how angry and frustrated I was like always with this nhs these days they say you can make a complaint but really no body really listens, The nhs is such a mess, even the consultants words the other week were this is the nhs like there is no fight left in him to defend n make it better the attitude is I get my money.The mh service I had a far greater respect for but honestly no one really cares whot you have got to say they have all this schemes to try n make your feel that your voice is being heard but they dont really give a stuff.
This world is upside down its a crazy world that we live in and nobodys got time for anybody or thing
take care Jd