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Difficult to date with GAD


just me Amy

Hi i find it very difficult to date with GAD, I consider my self attractive but the guys that i have had interest in dont really want to date me, they say i sweet woman. nice woman but do these guys pick up something about me, am i doing something wrong i am friendly etc.
I was honest with one guy and said i had anxiety he not interested in me, i even kept my anxiety quiet but i am sure these guys see it. I want to start dating again i do not come across as desperate to these blokes. I fear i be alone forever,
it hurts that i get overlooked and they never get to know the real me there is more to me than my anxiety
any advice appreciated


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May 31, 2016
dating is quite stressful in itself I have always found

when you say dates is it with people you not met before ie internet or have you known them through some kind of group etc previously or friend of friend etc

I probably lot older than you but if I meet lady friend one on one I always just originally look at it like she is a mate just like same sex friend

I probably not great one to be replying about romantic relationships but I do retain women as friends in this way

maybe just looking at these men as initially just a new friend and if anything else happens all well and good but if not hopefully they could be new friend

I guess placing all emphasis on the romantic side of this could be a pressure