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Differentiating Anxiety and Attention Deficit Disorder- Inattentive Type



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Sep 22, 2020
Hamilton, Ontario
I have recently been really struggling with pretty severe attention and concentration problems. I start tasks and jump from task to task before finishing any of them. I have trouble listening and retaining information also. When it gets really bad I can't sit down at all I have to keep moving, I have to be DOING something. It almost feels painful to actually sit! Part of me wonders if I have ADD or if this is just symptoms of anxiety?
I will bring it up to my counselor tomorrow and see what she says but I was wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with ADD as an adult. What was your experience like?


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Nov 10, 2019
Anxiety i thought was more associated with Autism, but i only have a basic understanding.

I have bipolar disorder and often i am as you describe. Much of my family is the same, and are always talking, moving, up and down room to room, cannot sit and watch telly for for more than 10 minutes. I was never assessed for ADD but would probably have met the criteria.

Are you taking medication at the moment? Sometimes an antidepressant can make me even worse.

Helpful things for now might be turning off music and telly, not using social media hardly, shutting the curtains to make it a bit darker when the sun is bright.