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difference between paranoia and rumination?



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Apr 13, 2020
I ruminate around a lot of things and develop these very fixed belief and patterns about a lot of things. and it doesn't matter facts doesn't show what I believe, and what I think it's happening, that worry just never goes away, and I keep going round and round regarding the same ideas.

I don't know if it's part of my personality or part of schizophrenia though I seem to be better when I am on medication.

Is this paranoia? or more like a natural reaction to things? I don't know.


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Nov 10, 2019
It’s rumination which part of your illness it can be about paranoid thoughts, depressive and delusional thoughts. The meds are very important but therapy can help too. I use to see a psychologist about rumination one thing I learnt from it is rumination is not problem solving.


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May 8, 2020
Louisville, Ky
Yea, it doesn't sound quite like paranoia but perhaps tied into illness generally. I recommend looking to mindfulness teachers and religious leaders for teachings on how to adopt better thought patterns. One example is that a daily gratitude practice can bring you a bit more happiness in your day. Wish you the best.
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