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Did anyone experience the same depression?



Nov 22, 2020
Hello, did anyone read the book "Reasons to Stay Alive" by Matt Haig?
He described that his depression suddenly came from one day to the other. He got stressed out so much by it that he had to throw up. I also experienced this. My very first depression stressed me out to the point I had to throw up. But this means that it was the anxiety, the fear that made me throw up, isn't it? Or this this ugly feeling of depression make me throw up? Not quite sure. Also, did anyone in here experience the same thing? I would really like to talk :)
Have a nice day everyone!


Well-known member
May 8, 2020
Louisville, Ky
Hello Zabuza,
Sounds like an interesting book. I've never thrown up from something like that. I think vomiting would have more to do with anxiety but I'm not sure.
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