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Did anyone experience anxiety out of nowhere?



Oct 7, 2019
Czech Republic
The first time even I had anxiety attack I was 23. I was studying at university and was doing my work placement, was in a good relationship I generally had no stress at that time. And boom anxiety hit out of no where on day. Imagine the shock of feeling all this unfamiliar anxiety, I never felt it. I did not even know what it was I never was an anxious or stressed person was always very social, funny person. I mean a had a quite few shity experiences in my life but I dealt with it.

After that first initial anxiety it spiraled into horrible anxiety for 2 weeks could not leave the house. I ended up going to doctors and was prescribed citalopram I took it had horrible side effects for 2 weeks was bed ridden and could not go to work for 3 weeks, eventually it got better and all anxiety went I only felt it very occasionally. Basically citalopram and therapy saved me and made me normal again I was able to complete my placement and uni. Then I went off citalopram for 7 months felt great but anxiety hit me again this time I had some stressors that might have triggered it so i am back on citalopram experiencing those horrible side effects and waiting to be normal again.

Has anyone else had anxiety out of no where? Like not triggered by life events?


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May 30, 2019
Yes, I had what I now believe to be as panic attack in May, when I thought I was having a heart attack and was taken into hospital for tests. I had no obvious stress/anxiety, other than the normal ones at the time. It's possible some background stressors had been building up, such as your work placement, which consciously you weren't anxious about. Anxiety and panic attacks can suddenly hit you out of the blue, and physical symptoms can persist long after.