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Jun 28, 2008
Yorkshire, UK
Anyone who's taken this, or any benzodiazepines for that matter, how long did it take you to build up a tolerance to it? I'm only having to use it sparingly atm.

I've only taken 7 of the 14 I was prescribed last March and the first 4 I snapped in half so I was taking 2.5mg, the last 3 I've taken full 5mg and already it's not having an affect!! If anything it's quite scary because it makes my physically tired but not mentally, does that make sense?? :unsure:

I know they're highly addictive (hence why I've only used them sparingly) and that a tolerance can be built up... but surely not this quickly and after so few?

Thankies :flowers:


5 Mg is a relatively small amount

But it is a Major tranquilliser

I usually take 5 mg with warm sweet milk and I get a deeper sleep

I think the tolerance before addiction is several weeks


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Sep 9, 2009
bradford west yorks

i do the same as you im supposed to take 15mgs a day but i take 5mgs at best i have been doing this for 3 months and some days i can go all day without it and not feel ill, i used to be addicted badly when i used to take drugs i would be on 40mgs a day and i did feel very ill when i didnt have it but that was over a year of taking 40mgs ,


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Dec 3, 2009
Buried under a sand castle.
Ive taken valium quite alot in the past its more psychogically addictive at lowers does but you'll still feel very anxious when you stop taking it...at higher doses it becomes very physically addictive and you can have seizures and things if you dont taper off...i had about a box of 40 or sommin a couple months i dont even know how i got hold of them think they mis prescibed i dont really use them for a feel good effect i used them when i came of my neuropletics and i even got better for a couples months cause i could keep the psychosis at bay...but when they cut me off i freaked out like mad and ended up bk on them its not a long term solution but i think they should prescibe them more.