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diazepam side effects



Active member
Jun 22, 2009
my doc put me on diazepam for anxiety on friday. i was told to take it for 2 days just to make sure i don't get any side effects so i took them yesterday and friday and then i just have to take them on the days it is bad. i wasn't planning on taking any today but last night i had some dreams that left me feeling terrible. it was that bad that my daughter knew i was having a bad day as soon as she got up. so i have taken the diazepam again today but i'm worried that it's the diazepam causing the dreams and i'm going to get into a viscious cycle with the diazepam causing dreams but then needing the diazepam to be able to cope with the feelings i'm left with. i was just wondering what other people's experiences are with diazepam and i'm going to go talk to my pharmacist tomorrow aswell.
thanks in advance.

eternity :unsure:


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Jul 30, 2008

i have been prescribed with diazepam on two occasions to be used as a sleeper. i found they relaxed me on 5mg but if i didnt fall asleep then i couldnt get to sleep after they wore off.

the doc says they are highly addicitve and only to use in an emergency sort of thing but cant say i experieced any side effects.