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Up to now I've been told I had 'psychotic episodes' but my diagnosis just slipped out of my psychiatrists mouth today - schizoaffective disorder. How should I feel about this? I'm not even sure it's accurate. I don't get mania. I had depression but not any more. I did have psychosis and still do if I stop my meds.


It's not necessary to have had a period of mania to make a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder the depression would fulfill that criteria. Have you asked for a full explanation of how the diagnosis was formulated?


Things people say to me don't usually hit me until hours or even days afterwards so it had only just sunk in when I wrote that above. I didn't think of asking or saying anything while I was there.

So is it something I should be worried about? I had got this far (five years since my first episode) by not having a proper diagnosis and I'm feeling a bit unsure about having one.

He won't change me from amisulpride even though I want to find a husband and have kids. I have zero libido and I wanted to try something else but he says it took long enough to find this one and I'm stable on it. What he says makes sense but I don't want to have any kind of sex at all and how can I possibly have a husband I never ever want to sleep with? It's stopping me even looking to be honest. I feel despair when I think I might be forced to be single because I don't ever want sex. The psychiatrist and my friend both told me that if I find the right man he will know how to turn me on. But I can't even turn myself on, I'm so disgusted by it at the moment, so how can I hope to find someone else who can? I feel ... how do I feel? .... like I've got to be single because of this bl**dy condition:(:(:(:(:(:(:(


Having a diagnosis can be a positive thing - gives the dragon a name.

For the time being go with the psychiatrist and keep stable. I don't know how old you are so I don't want to make a comment out of turn about husbands & babies.

What I do know is that the right person can make a hell of a lot of difference to your libido and your sexual feelings.

The best thing you can do is simple (not easy, but simple) is learn about your diagnosis and what it means and then when you come more to terms with what it means you will relax and realise that you don't have to be single but that within a relationship things aren't always the same. :hug:


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Jan 7, 2008
Had so many diagnoseses, schitspprenia, not schitsoprenia, one point "His exact diagnosis is uncertain but is possibly in the schitsoaffective range".

Feel i need a diagnosis for the benefits, as i regard work as a non option, don't like the stigma, sunday at the car boot sale heard them say "He looks so normal"

Then theres the drugs giving me a form of ME but controling the worse excesses of the illness

One thing i do is look in the British Pharmaceutical for what the meds are for, not a nice way of diagnosing yourself

I guess now any rediagnosis, i'd be thinking what some benefit clark would make of it, i'd love to run on all cylinders but thats not going to happen


Thanks, Dollit. I'm old enough to have had partners in the past but not old enough yet to be too old to have kids. But I want to get a move on because being too old isn't that far away! In other words I'm 36:LOL:

No, I just feel so anti-sex that I can't imagine anyone ever turning me on.

And I'm not sure about having a diagnosis.

Thanks for your kind words, Dollit, you're a star. :hug:


You look around the forum and you'll see that the people who educate themselves about their health are the ones who manage to keep going no matter what. They're the people who don't know how to give up or give in and that's the person I strive to be. So never give up and the man who is the father of your children could be on the next bus you get.


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Mar 20, 2008
Hi Starbright,

I'm sorry that you are going through it at the moment.
A diagnosis that you were maybe not expecting can be difficult to deal with at first but try to give it time if you can and if you feel the need to get things off your chest you're in the right place.

It took me too long to deal with my diagnosis,I fought against it when I should have accepted it but it's difficult sometimes.

I hope you are feeling better soon. Good luck with everything (y)


Thanks everyone, you're all really kind. :grouphug: (I love this icon!). I'll survive, I always do. Sorry I kind of lumped the diagnosis with the sex and children issue in together. I talked about all of it with my psychiatrist and it was all kind of in my mind all jumbled together.

I've had quite a week this week. I had an interview today and got a place on a counselling course but the interviewer concentrated almost entirely on my psychosis and not at all on anything else so I don't think he was very fair - it's almost against the disability discrimination act except that he ended up giving me a place on the course. I'm now wondering what reasonable adjustments I can ask for under the disability discrim act.

It's a hell of a week, I've got an assessment for psychotherapy tomorrow too. Last time they didn't accept me for no apparent reason that I could see. Let's hope they do today. Thanks, Yakuza, for your kind words too:grouphug:


Oh by the way, I got accepted for psychotherapy, so that's another positive. Thanks for PMs of support. :grouphug:
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