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Diagnosed With Severe Depression..



New member
Jul 3, 2015
Hi all..

I've been feeling down and low for a few months now, constant self esteem issues, thoughts of not being worth anyone's time, feeling I was a failure, always sad, lack of motivation, no interest in the things I used to enjoy. Being a male I thought i'd suck it up and keep going, thinking I'd be fine, but it started affecting my relationship with my partner of 5 years, with who I have a son with.. my social life is non-existent and i'm constantly down. I decided to visit the doctors today, and she told me that I have severe depression from my symptoms, as well as me having other medical issues which need addressing promptly. Today I feel as though I have broken down, me and my partner are in a bad place, the realisation of me actually having depression has hit me hard, aswell as the possibility of me having other conditions, has me scared for my future (being able to do things I want to do) being limited to an extent. I just can't stop crying at stupid things aswell, my heads throbbing, feels like its going to explode.. & I'm just stuck at rock bottom.

I have been prescribed Citalopram 20mg and have been self referred to a councillor, I feel like I cant speak to anyone about as I don't know what to say, my mind's blank.. Just wanted to know that after taking the first step, is there light at the end of the tunnel? or is this gonna be a vicious circle that I can't break out of?




Jun 20, 2015
J Wright:welcome:

The worst of depression is when it first hits and you reach rock bottom, other's describe it as a deep dark pit with you at the bottom with no way out.I felt this when depression hit me after my first psychosis.It is hard to get through but rest assured there is light at the end of the tunnel.the counseling will help locate the source of the depression if it is a culmination of childhood and past experience come back to rule the roost or if it is a symptom of current life circumstances which are making you unhappy.And of course your Gp will have done the physical checks to make sure it isn't hormonal,like hypothyroidism or diabetes etc.
You can get through this and get better,have no fear.Nikitax


Well-known member
Jun 6, 2014
South west
It is possible to come through deep depression and come out the other side, because it has happened to me. It started with a schizophrenia-type psychosis, followed by about ten years of being completely disabled by depression, with suicidal thoughts and crying. My weight went down to 7.3. In the last three years I have been able to come off antipsychotics and ad's and am able to enjoy reading, cycling and all the things I lost - so I hope this little tale will give you encouragement!