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Dharmic healers



Active member
May 8, 2019
My voices are saying that they are dharmic healers, and that this is a dharmic union. I regret that I read about dharmic union, yet it was cool when I read it in 2017 or 2018, and I thought it was harmless. I think dharmic union is where gods come to watch a sexual union between two people, or it’s like a spiritual connection between two people, kind of like twin flame. I think they mentioned the word twin flame the last few days, but what I was hearing sounded light. They just started this and used to not say this stuff. The voice that reminds me of my old friend, I used to want to be in a dharmic union with her, when I discovered the word twin flame around the time we met. All I did was google soulmates to find the twin flame stuff. I really don’t like how I have her in my head now in this way, because I think it can be considered unhealthy. I really thought it was telepathy, when it first happened. And there are all kinds of ideas online about twin flame telepathy. Some people are still stuck in the twin flame idea, and they think they are experiencing telepathy. They have maybe heard a few voices at different times, but I don’t know how far that it’s gotten with people. And when I used to believe in twin flame telepathy, I only wanted to experience the voice of my old friend, not a bunch of voices. I really felt so innocent to it all and like nothing big would happen. I thought the twin flame idea was cool, but now I don’t really believe in it, and I’m kind of scared of it. I don’t get as influenced by information anymore, now that I’m on medicine, it seems.