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The Bridge Collective

Unit 4 King Street Business Centre
7 – 9 King Street

01392 433358
[email protected]

A democratic community where people who have experiences, beliefs, and feelings that have sometimes been labelled as mental illness are welcomed and can talk about these experiences freely, safely and without judgement; a place to participate in friendship, support, learning, teaching, discussion, being active, and making a valid contribution both within the collective and the wider community.

Activities and Groups

Underground Sound:
The project is run as a drop-in centre with an emphasis on music and other arts. We have a range of musical instruments including guitars and electric drums as well as decks, amplifiers, and a selection of CDs and records. There is a large comfortable room (The Crow’s Nest) that is reserved for Underground Sound participants all day on Fridays. There are coffee making facilities available. The project is for people who are within the age range 18 – 30 years old who are experiencing or have experienced mental health difficulties as well as their friends and other younger people who have an interest in mental health issues. The project provides opportunities for individuals to benefit from being part of a group, from learning new skills and from being creative using musical expression. It also helps to develop and build upon existing talents, learning from others and forming friendships which extend outside of the project. Every Friday at the Bridge from 12 noon til 6pm.

The Greenwood Project:
This Project provides access to the physical and mental health benefits of being in woodland and other outdoor environments. It also provides a chance to learn about traditional woodland crafts. We find that making meals and cooking on our own fire in a woodland clearing, telling stories and making music under the stars and making things by hand from natural materials we collect ourselves, all allow us to see and experience life in a new healing way. It helps us to appreciate and fully value the natural world. We meet in a number of venues around the Devon countryside and in Exeter.

Women’s Arts Group:
These art sessions aim to give women some much needed personal space and an opportunity to explore their own artistic ideas. The group has a real sense of community and a relaxed creative atmosphere.Mondays 10.30am – 12.30pm

Open Day
On Thursdays you can just drop into the Bridge Collective between 10am and 4pm for a chat with whoever else is about. No prior appointment or registration is needed. Sometimes we have meetings and events on Thursdays which are welcome for anyone to join.

Discussion Group:
This group meets once a month at the Bridge – usually on the third Thursday from 2.30pm to 3.30pm. We discuss a variety of perspectives on issues such as freedom, culture, knowledge, conflict and consumerism. We also try to make sense of how we think the way we do. Get together with others to share views and enjoy different viewpoints. No pressure to speak – come to listen too. Come for all or part and arrive and go as you wish.

First Saturday of Every month 12.30 – 2.30
Born out of Rainbowmind. An informal and friendly group for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans people affected by mental health issues.
Feel free to drop in and have a cuppa



Recovery Devon

[email protected]

We are:
  • An independent community of people of good will who support Recovery and wellbeing; both as a personal vision and as an underpinning value base to promote radical change in mental health attitudes and provision.
  • A partnership, including people with lived experience of mental health issues and their supporters and family, alongside mental health practitioners.

Three Priorities for Recovery Devon
We are promoting the following :-
1. Recovery Action Plans
- Planning ahead; finding the people and things that help; knowing your ‘triggers’ in a crisis; and finding ‘what works for you’. All are key to WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plans). People may need help to build these.

2. Peer Support
- Can be a breath of fresh air. Peers offer knowledge of how it feels to ‘have been there’ and they also see the ‘person’ first.

3. Sanctuary
- Alternatives to hospital admission, including sanctuary, with spiritually enhancing and nurturing environments.
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