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detachment from past events



New member
Dec 3, 2019
new york
hey! first post. i have been hospitalized for bipolar and have been told by varying doctors that i am also on the borderline spectrum and am currently unmedicated but was on trileptal and seroquil when i was taking meds. but whatever with that

for a very very long time i can recall past events with zero emotions behind them. i know things happened but i have zero emotions attached. for example a very dear friend of mine took his life six months ago and i dont feel any extreme emotions about this (although i have been told that when i drink in excess i was seen crying about it, but dont remember). i also only think of the future if theres an event coming up that is a stressor or i think something bad will come to me at a certain function. but mostly i am just stagnant and feel nothing all day everyday and dissociate until nightfall. i hardly move and wont leave my bed unless it is absolutely necessary. Today is the only day that matters to me and focus only on whats happening at this exact moment, its like the past means nothing and that everyone in my life yesterday is disposable. Any one else experience this or understand what this is?


Dec 11, 2019
lake county
I use to feel the same thing. It could just be a defense mechanism tbh. After so much things happening to you in your past, you just become numb to things even if it not intentional. But you should also get on some type of meds and get a second opinion
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