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Aug 5, 2008
My bf has been my source of support through my depression but he's reached the end of his tether. He's shutting down. I have been suffocating him. I feel so sad I just don't know what to do with it. I've relied on him too heavily I suppose. He's not here tonight so I'm left alone with my thoughts and I don't want to be alone. I want to drink the bottle of wine in the fridge but then I know I'll probably want to sh and maybe kill myself cause really what is the point in living a life like this? I feel so alone.


i thought that my oh had stopped loving me just the other week but i had got it all wrong i was just feeling so low n i guess i needed more love than usual n when i got my head round my depression n come through it once again nothing had changed n now its just getting better n better, but obviously the depression is the worrying bit because u never know when it strikes n it isnt easy coping with the mood swings, i guess in my favour my oh isnt my main carer only 4 emotional well being which does take the pressure off.:hug:jd