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Desperate to have my old life back!



May 23, 2012
I've recently just moved to a new county and although I lived here when I was younger, every thing feels wrong. My mum and step father have been seperated for over a year and my mum attempted suicide - she lived but she doesnt act as though shes been given a second chance at life shes bulimic and I caught her doing it and she just tried to buy my silence but im scared for her as she has a big operation coming up and itts gunna affect her big time again but she just doesnt care or listen to me amd I dont know what to do about it! Not to mention the fact my brothers and sister live 2 hrs away from me and I only see them every 2/3 weeks. I was coping okay with that stuff for a little while but recently its taken its toll and I dont know how to cope with it, how im supposed to stop crying and lead a normal life. Im really close to my siblings so I found out I wouldnt see them everyday my heart broke in two. My last problem/worry is that when I moved I was pulled out of school but cause im 17 that means I cant join somewhere till september and ive got all my family on at me to get a job but noone listens to me when I say that nowhere is hiring someone my age and with my lack of experience, with every on at me it puts me down cause it makes me feel useless and pathetic. I suppose the point of this was for me to let out my feelings for the 1st time in ages and hope there are people out there who will read this and have consoling things to say, so thank you if you bother to read this far down the page


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Jun 12, 2010
Hi Damons, welcome to the forums :welcome:

Hopefully getting this off your chest will help you.

Have a nosy around the site in the mean time... it's a little quiet at night in here :)
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