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The thing with depression is that people cannot unserstand that it isnt whot we can do in our lifes its the way that we have to deal with everything that we dont view the world has easily has the majority we have to accomadate the depression such has a holiday it doesnt stay @ home n wait for us to come home it comes with us even @ a pop concert its still within us. Hasmuch has we would like itto take a day off it doesnt seemtolike to take time off,it likes to strangle us..........................
Its quite similar to pain its not whot you can do its how severe the pain is doing it and also how much of a pain threshold you have.


Very often mental & emotional pain is worse than physical pain.


Sorry I meant to express that I meant to say whichever kind of pain including mental,emotional pain is in it self a killer.


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Jul 23, 2009
I once tried explaining something to my dad when he was having a go at me for not doing house work.

My problem is in my brain and at the end of the day my brain controls EVERYTHING I do or do not do. So if I have extreme motavational trouble then is it not possible for me to sometimes be considered as paralyzed?

With that in mind, would you have a go at someone who is physically paralyzed for not washing the dishes?


Well I'm in between the devil n the deep blue sea because I have both physical and poor mh, though my physical is almost invisable so often I think people think that I'm just being lazy.


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Jul 23, 2009
That is the problem we face, we don't have something physical for all to see.

Our problem is invisible to the eye. It's almost like religion really, our illness is God and the other people around us choose to believe or not. That is the real issue if people have that sort of "if I can't see it then it doesn't exist" attitude, for some it's just impossible to think any other way.


That is very true because even the mh staff have trouble seeing whot we tell them and really they should try to understand that its in visable,and also people think that it goes away eg if you take the medication or you have done something exciting often I think it comes back with a vengence having had a couple or a good day because we are human n myself forget the feeling if I feel elated for a short period which is a little like drink you feel good but then worse the next day. I have almost cut alcohol out ofmy life completely I just have the odd couple of pints once a month
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