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depression vs emotional abuse?



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Oct 20, 2008
Talked to a relationship counsellor today over the internet, who seemed to have no idea about the effect of depression on relationships. Her summary was that she thought I was being emotionally abused, and would not take things further unless I made an appointment to talk to someone face to face about my 'emotionally abusive relationship'. She emailed me a long list of 'signs of emotional abuse' - but most of them that she possibly thought applied to me could equally be labelled 'signs of depression in a partner'.

I do not believe that you can label someone's actions when they're depressed as emotional abuse ?- surely emotional abuse implies a choice, which isn't necessarily there when you're depressed?

Any thoughts?


A relationship counsellor over the internet isn't in the situation, they cannot read body language and it's very difficult to get a true indication without even hearing a voice.

One thing to remember is that unless we are judged to be insane then we are responsible for our actions and depression does not remove choices. In my opinion it removes our perception of whether we have choices.