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Depression, unconscious and school orientation



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Nov 12, 2008
Paris suburbs, France
I just came back home after being asked by my English teacher to go back home because I looked really bad.
I already wrote about my depression issues in another thread, and I'm wondering if it has something to do with my studies and my unconscious. I'll try to explain: I was born from artificial insemination because my dad has fertility issues. I always loved biology in junior high school and high school so I started Biology studies in college. Living in a boarding school, the educators always warned me that studying biology could lead me to mental problems because I'm searching where I come from. Now I'll have my diploma in 3 semesters, and I'm wondering if I should not quit biology now because I don't know if I would be able to work in the biology sector when I start feeling bad and even crying in genetics and cellular biology classes. I'm seeing a psychiatrist, but due to my program, I'm not able to see her regularily, my next appointment with her is on December 24th.

I was just wondering if someone has been in the same situation of being deeply depressed in college or at work because of a relation between his work or his studies and his personal history, and what he did for that.


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Dec 2, 2008

I really feel you have overdone your classes. Always accept the fact more knowledge will never make you mad until unless you are clear with what you are doing.

Regarding depression, this happens with everyone when you have confusion or you feel different.

All I can suggest is read some website which talks about depression and understand more about it, this way you can help yourself. Nothing is incurable

Take a look here
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Jan 28, 2008
The Wilderness
Hi Jack

When you say AI do you mean you have an unknown biological father?


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Nov 12, 2008
Paris suburbs, France
Thabk you all for your answers.

@Ashami: Yeah, that's what I meant, and I guess this is why I started eating pork, the worst thing you can do when you're jewish like me, to feel closer to my (known) dad, who does.

But I'm once up, once deep down. On saturday, I went to see a movie with a new friend of mine, who's my best friend's ex. She enjoyed the movie and I felt less depressed with her because I really appreciate her. Sunday I was fine too, but yesterday my molecular biology teacher told me "it sucks" when she saw my blank copy (it was just a "copy-paste the lesson" exercise but I realised half of the formulas were missing on my lesson when looking on my classmate notebook). I felt bad all the evening and 'til this early afternoon. I even considered drinking the bottle of acetone that's under my sink when going to bed. But I thought to the fact I've never been so close to date a girl and fell asleep. After my classes today, I bought some clothes to feel more attractive, hoping she'll accept we spend an afternoon together again on this weekend and maybe going further. I don't know why but I'm hesaitating on trying to date her because she's my best friend's ex. He even encourages me and no one around me seems to understand why I feel like it would be insane.

Coming back to the subject, tomorrow I'll miss my classes to go to see my psychiatrist. I thought of how I feel these days and my orientation, and now I hope I'll be able to get my diploma and working in the biology sector thanks to therapy and maybe analysis.
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