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Depression: the final phase


Ginger Kitten

Well-known member
Oct 2, 2020
Surrey, Uk
I'm depressed now. This is typical. I saw my psychiatrist today and though the appointment made me feel momentarily better, it didn't last long.

I've got an unusual presentation of bipolar, in that I don't have long periods of either highs or lows, as many people do, but once triggered I go up and down in spikes every few days. It's always the same pattern, and always triggered by stress.

It goes: stress (trigger), anxiety, irritability, anger (usually, not always), depression, euthymia (eventually).

But this pattern can go on for weeks or months. So the reality of my life is that I am never stable (euthymic) for more than a few months at a time.

I am heartily sick of it and my psychiatrist seems out of ideas as to how to help me. He's been seeing me for 5 years and I think he's tried everything he can think of, including 2 bouts of CBT (useless for me) and a brief period of DBT (which he had to fight to get me on to).

It seems there is no way to alleviate this pattern and yet I do not want the rest of my life (I'm 61) to be this endless cycle. I feel like I'm caught in Dante's 7th Circle of Hell. And there's no way out.

Sorry to moan, that's where I am at the moment.


Well-known member
May 1, 2021
Alberta, Canada
I agree, those cycles seem pure hell, and you do need a few more ideas if your psychiatrist has run out of them. You've probably tried getting a second opinion on your medications from another psychiatrist. If not, is it possible to find someone online? I wonder if it's also possible to get a few more ideas on medications to try by visiting your local hospital or contacting psychiatry at the university? We visit the hospitals in Canada when we need to see a different psychiatrist. Perhaps you can chat privately with people here in the BP forum to find out what medications they've tried, and there are other mental health forums, too, such as one operated by the Mood Disorders Society of Canada. I'm sorry you're going through such a rough time. I wish I could be or more help.


Well-known member
Apr 20, 2019
Sorry to hear that GK, hopefully the nature of your illness means this won't be around for long, so there's a tiny chink of silver on the cloud at least.
Just a quick question about your meds though if I may seeing as I've been reading up on them almost every day trying to find which ones are most effective for the different aspects of Bipolar: which ones are you on now again and which have you tried, either alone or in combination with others? (You can PM that if you want to keep things private on that note). Feel better soon.
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