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Depression set in, I feel like a zombie



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Nov 15, 2014
I've been kind of bad lately, definitely not myself. Dreading things more than usual, not wanting to go to work, this cold weather is really getting to me too.

I wish I could tell you, describe to you the amount of sickness I felt today. I was so scared I was going to get even sicker, that scares me. Today was just really bad. I even called in and didn't go to work.

The zombie feeling was back, it's been a long time since I've had that and I'm sleeping a lot lately. I have to force myself to leave the house, even to run errands or work. I found a SAD light that a friend let me borrow and sat in front of it, 2 times today, 20 minutes each time. I'm hoping that will help me some.

Thanks for reading my post. I just needed to vent. If you have any other ideas for me please, please share them with me.


Jan 15, 2013
Hi :)

I was thinking whether it might be worth trying to get a SAD lamp like a alarm clock so before your alarm goes off for a while, you will get the light?

I'm sorry that you felt so bad you had to ring in sick :hug1:

Take care.

Marliee x
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