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Depression meds



New member
Sep 6, 2021
Hello everyone.

I have been on Celexa 40mg for over 9 years. I was extremely happy on it, however I woke up one day to horrible depression and anxiety. Overnight, I lost it all. I can’t stop crying, shaking, and I’m experiencing ptsd and severe anxiety. I had to quit my job, as I’m not functioning. I’m so miserable, I can hardly get out of bed.

My doctor suggested I can either switch meds or add Wellbutrin to my Celexa. I decided on switching meds. I started Paxil 7 weeks ago and I haven’t had any improvements. Thinking of going back to Celexa and adding Wellbutrin.

Has anyone else been in the same boat as me? Should I give Paxil more time to work?Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Fairy Lucretia

Fairy Lucretia

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Apr 9, 2011
Magical fairy wonderland xxxx
hi and welcome x if it were me i would give the paxil a little longer to kick in
the good thing is that there are many different types of depression medications to try and i hope you find one that helps you x Lu x


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Aug 5, 2021
I'm in a similar situation - I used to take sertraline but earlier this year I fell into a severe depression. I had several increases in dose but it did nothing. I've now been taking venlafaxine for about 8 weeks and I really don't feel like it's doing much if anything for me. My mental health team should be doing a meds review soon so we'll see...

Changing meds is a really difficult time - it's so hard to hang on while you go through this. I'm sorry you're struggling. I don't really have any advice but lots of sympathy. I hope things get better soon.


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Jun 26, 2016
sillyville, USA
It is so strange when our meds suddenly stop working.
I battled with my AD;s working for short periods of time until they put me on a mood stabilizer.


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Aug 26, 2021
I highly recommend that you check with your pharmacy if the manufacturer of your Celexa was changed. I'm very sensitive to different manufacturers and at least 5 times that has been the reason a med suddenly failed me.



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Mar 31, 2015
I first started Zoloft in early 2013, it worked a bit for a few years. 50mg. Then it kind of felt like it wasn't doing that much anymore, and I increased the dose to 100mg, but it made me really angry so after a week I had to go back down again as I couldn't deal with it anymore.

Then I tried Lexapro 5mg and felt nothing. 10mg felt nothing. After a month of that, I tried 15mg and felt SO horribly depressed, apathetic and sleepy. So I went back to the Zoloft again. This time 50mg felt like nothing and 100mg didn't make me angry but didn't help much either.

With both of them, I was able to stop them abruptly with no noticeable symptoms or effects. The only things I noticed was less emotional blunting aftee stopping the Zoloft and a slight tiny bit of a sex drive (I've never really had one).

I've been on Zoloft and Lexapro (not at the same time obviously!) on and off for 8 years.

I tried Moclobemide for a few months but again, I didn't feel much and it made me fall asleep all the time.

I tried Effexor. The 37.5mg starting dose made me SO emotionally blunted but at the same time, every 2-3 days it made my already constant anxiety (sense of doom, fear, foreboding and dread) SO much worse. It was amplified so much, I felt trapped in my head and just lay on the couch all day.

The standard 75mg dose thankfully didn't continue to exacerbate the anxiety to that extent, but the emotional blunting was enormous and I lost interest in literally everything and barely left the house as everything bored me. When my prescriptions ran out 3 months later, I couldn't even care about getting another one or trying something else as I couldn't be bothered going to the doctor. So I just took the last one, then took 50mg of my default Zoloft the next day and my normal 100mg the subsequent days. I had no withdrawal symptoms at all and felt no real difference apart from a bit less blunting. The apathy and lack of interest was already there before so that remained, but not quite as bad.

I've tried Lamictal for 6 months (plus a month tapering off)...still the same old story of no effects apart from worsened apathy and lack of interest. Anhedonia. Also, forgetting / losing words and losing track of time, and being extra sleepy. Still felt unstable though, and depressed.

I tried Tramadol for a little while for headaches and hoping for the oft reported lift in mood. For about 30 minutes every second day, I'd notice a slight improvement. Like a lightness, a bit more positivity, and a bit more interest in some things. But it was very brief and not consistent.

I've even tried Ritalin for suspected ADHD, and even THAT (both 5mg and 10mg) made me incredibly dull, sleepy, bored, lethargic, even less motivation than usual, no improvement in focus, and gave me total brain fog!

I honestly don't think anything can help me. Everything, no matter how different they're supposed to be, reacts the same way with me for some reason.

This will sound bad, but the ONLY medication that has really helped me was Xanax. Valium was ok. Just a bit dulling. Too sedating. I was bored and just a bit less anxious. Klonopin is ok. I'm a bit more social on it if I have to be, and my anxiety can be ignored a bit easier, though it's still there. I still take this once in the evening.

But Xanax seemed to somehow target the specific type of dread / foreboding / fear anxiety I've always had, and take it away. It was SUCH a relief, and I actually felt almost content for the first time since childhood. I also found it allowed me to actually focus on things, like a movie, and enjoy it. Take an interest in it and engage with it, which I could normally never do.

The other thing it did was lift my anhedonia and apathy. I would do things I'd been putting off for months or years, like changing light bulbs, hanging pictures on walls, going shopping and doing housework. I actually WANTED to do things! It was very freeing.

Unfortunately, they don't make a Xanax you can take once a day that works like an antidepressant and doesn't develop a tolerance.
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