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Depression is taking hold again.



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Jul 21, 2008
I don't know whether to ask to have my fluoxetine raised or to stop with it and have myself commited or something. I start worrying about my safety, but then other times I couldn't care less and I know that's not good. Then really bad things happen. I see them happening like watching a film I can't stop.
I'm being emotionally exausted by the people who moved in next to me 3 weeks ago. That house has a revolving door on it, I swear. This is the third set of people to move there since I live here and they are by far the worst neighbors you could have.
I've been to their door last week to ask politely if they would please turn the music down as it's nighttime and some people sleep then. I got one sentence out and the door closed in my face.
I've just put a letter in their mailbox asking them to please keep the noise down again.
Neighbors from hell.
My next letter goes to the company that rents these houses out.
I had enough problems before those people moved in.
I'm so tired in my head.
I can't stand the noise anymore.


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Jun 28, 2008
Yorkshire, UK
Oh Ms P :hug: The neighbours from hell is the last thing you need!!
First things first and that's get you sorted, go back to your GP and tell them everything including the new annoying neighbours!

Second, start documenting EVERYTHING you do/send to the landlord/tenants. Do you think it warrants the police visiting if it continues?
Has any of your other neighbours complained?

Thinking of you :hug:


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Jul 21, 2008
Hi Lozzi :hug:
I see my doc next week and will ask about raising the dosage of fluoxetine.

As for the neighbors, the woman who lives on the other side of them is an older woman who is rather deaf...so she's not affected like I am.

I'm simply taking notes and try to focus on other things if I can. My health is going under from the stress and I can't let that happen.

Talk to you later :flowers::hug:
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