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Depression is back



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Aug 22, 2014
I have been very severely depressed for the past 6 weeks. I have suffered from recurrent depression all my life since boarding school. When depressed I stay in bed all the time. I took a drug overdose over 3 weeks and ended up in hospital. The home treatment team visit me once a day. I am also on antidepressant and mood stabiliser. I have a husband who does everything for me. I feel like a child. The worse part is not feeling anything I don't feel anything for my husband and feel I am using him. My mom died over a week ago. I was not able to attend the funeral as I was unable to leave the house. I have not shed a tear for my mom.I did have a difficult relationship with her. Does anyone suffer fro loss of emotion with depression?

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Jan 25, 2012
Yes, I do. It's a distressing aspect of depression. I had a family bereavement where I felt numbed to it too, couldn't access the feelings that would have been there if I hadn't been depressed at that point. I think depression does rob you of your usual emotions, and can make you feel as if you feel nothing for people who actually mean a lot to you ( I know you say you had a difficult relationship with your Mum, which makes things less straightforward, but I was thinking of your feelings about your husband too). Feeling like a child sounds familiar to me as well, it's horrible to feel so helpless, and reliant on someone else. Sorry you're feeling so low at the moment. And I'm sorry for the loss of your Mum too.
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