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Depression/Anxiety - never ending emotional rollercoaster you DONT want to be on.



Sep 24, 2020
Sometimes I feel like I am viewing my life from a 3rd person perspective (through a looking glass).

And no matter how hard you try to steer it in the right direction of positivity and happiness you have a proverbial magnet pulling you back down to the depths again.

Mental Health is something that needs management and ongoing maintenance to maintain - I am not naive to think the problems will vanish. Its just I wish the feeling would go away - sometimes I feel empty.

Anyone else experience this persistent feeling?




May 25, 2020
I struggle with feeling empty too. It is a horrid feeling. I am sorry it happens to you.


Well-known member
Dec 17, 2018
California, US
Yes, that's a very familiar description. Disconnected from my feelings and whatever I'm doing, it was how I survived until I found alternatives. The awful emptiness was unbearable. And the seemingly endless waiting, for a new therapy, a new drug or death.

You may feel very alone but you're not, I see you. As you struggle with your mental health, there's still a "you" in there, apart from the depression, expressing yourself marvelously. It's tiring though, isn't it? The constant work, learning to manage and learning the insidious ways this illness finds to undermine our lives.


Sep 24, 2020
Thanks BPD and Bizzarebitrary:)

Yes, the empty feeling is with all intensive purposes - utterly all consuming:low:

You are so right Bizzarebitrary! Please share more to me about the alternatives you found to help when you spoke about surviving.

In addition - yes I do try to still be ME and improve as a person even while suffering with this grey cloud disease, I mean what else can you do? We have to fight it. You are so right on the constant work of the illness, its like having a permanent monkey on your back.

Anyway - keep moving on up, as they say!:p
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