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Depression and "physical" issues



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Nov 12, 2008
Paris suburbs, France
I've been really depressive since march 08, and it's on that period that a strange stain appeared on my leg. At first, I thought of an hematoma, but 4 months after it was still there. I saw a dermatologist, and she made a biopsy of my skin to conclude it was just blood that infiltrated between my skin layers. She said there was no cure for that and that I'll just have to wait 'til it disappears. It's been 11 months now, depression and the stain are still there.

I just wanted to know if any of you had similar cases of physical health issues because of depression.


Hi Jack
have not experienced that as such but our bodies do act in ways that we cannot explain, it may be that it would have een there anyway and nothing to do with your depression, it could be a reaction to meds you are taking, you may need a little more iron in the diet,, it could be a host of reasons for it, but it does not sound like it is serious.
if you find out what it was called you can google it to put your mind a rest.
sorry I could not be more helpful


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Nov 12, 2008
Paris suburbs, France
I forgot the name, but I know it's really nothing, and it was there before I took my meds, but it began precisely the week I had my final clash with my mom, when I started to cry in class, skipping classes, etc.
It's just that it's ugly and it won't help me with depression.


only if you focus on it Jack, its a blemish, we all have them, you have so many good qualities that you should be focusing on eh!
Sometimes when you focus on something it makes it seem so much worse than it is.
best wishes


Is it a petechial haemmorhage?

It is difficult not to focus on such things when you're depressed but if the doctor thinks it's okay then try not to worry. Perhaps you're associating with the hard times with your mum?
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