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Depression and Anxiety - new poster



New member
Dec 21, 2018
Hello all

I found this place on Google. I'm not sure really where to start.

I'm female 33 with some form of depression and/or anxiety. I've been on and off anti depressants since having my son 3 years ago and I didn't start seeing a psychologist via my GP bit I couldn't keep the appointments and they discharged me so I don't have a name for what is wrong with me. I just call it depression because that's how it feels.

I can't pinpoint a cause, not to say there hasn't been a lot that's happened. My son was a traumatic delivery I have just had surgery 11 weeks ago to repair the damage caused by it. He was later diagnosed with autism and my daughter is being evaluated for asd too but we're unsure. Her behaviour is very erratic and upsetting but it's hard for her as her brother demands so much from us.

I worry a lot I can't let go of things that upset me. I get angry and irrational and weepy. I cry most days. I try so hard to stay positive or just BUSY so I don't feel the awful feeling I get when I drop as low as I am right now.

I want to help myself. I just lack motivations. I can't keep plans. I constantly think people are taking about me or that everyone is sick of me. I barely try with friends anymore. I'm usually awake from 6/7am until 10/11pm at night and I don't stool I barely sit down. I have a knot in my chest from worry and stress and I always have 1000 things to do every day. I can't keep up with the house and I can barely play with my children. It's just a huge effort for everything right now.

I am trying so hard and I have asked my husband for help but he just isn't around enough as he is the only one who works. I can feel myself cracking and crumbling and I know if I go on I will end up in hospital or something because I'm just going to stop one day. Physically I just don't feel capable or strong enough. The thought of giving my kids a bath makes me feel sick because I think about every little task I have to do to achieve it. I go days without showering. Most days i dont wash my face or brush my teeth....I'm just so tired of feeling so scrap all the time.

I know the meds will help to a point. I need some advice. Or some direction. Anything. The right forums the right people. Self help audios. YouTube meditations. Mindfulness...yoga...Anything. any advice anyone can give me. Or just people to talk to about it. I don't know what I'm doing right now. I really feel so dark and confused.

Thank you in advance for letting me speak even if it's not really an introduction...I'm just not sure where to start.

Poopy Doll

Poopy Doll

Well-known member
Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Hi Caroline. :welcome: to the Forum. I don't know which mother's little helpers (pills) would be appropriate for you. When my children were young I got into yoga and that helped me a lot. :hug5: