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Depressed looking at my life



Apr 25, 2018
Lost Wages Nevada
I am 69 years old and have been feeling depressed lately. It is hard to explain what is wrong without sounding like I am whining. What is depressing me is seeing all the young guys with all these awesome cute young ladies with awesome asses and realizing my time is over. I will never again be that young or have that opportunity. My time is over.

I look back at all the mistakes I have made and all the opportunities I blew. Back when I was in my early 20's I met a girl who was 16, she was super cute, super sexy and we got married when she was 17. 10 years later she weighed 400+ pounds and I couldn't stand to look at her so I divorced her. What depresses me is I dumped two really beautiful girls for her. If I had stayed with one of them, I would still be married to either since I have seen both and they are still beautiful even in their 60's. I met a super hot 19 year old when I was 42 and we had a relationship but she left me to go to New Orleans and be a fortune teller. Another woman I met was the love of my life, I was 43 and she was 34. She OD'd. Nothing like waking up next to a still corpse. I went though a few other women, none good looking or that sexy and finally got tired of being alone and found a woman online. She was average, not really pretty, not really sexy, but we hit it off, we are a lot alike, her birthday is two days before mine so we got married between our birthdays. I found out later that she started having sex at 14 and by 18 had 50 lovers and by 50 figured she had around 150 sex partners. Now she says she is tired of sex and not really into it anymore. So once again my luck bites me in the ass and I am left looking at all the sexy women out there with awesome asses that I cannot ever get near. That is what is depressing. I should have just stayed single and bought one of those sex dolls that look like real women....


Well-known member
Jul 31, 2020
I'm just over 50 but yeah I feel time taking its chances away too, and I obsess over women from the past, ones I never even had anything physical with though sometimes the interest was there on their side too at least for a little while. I guess I'm not too old yet but now women in their 20s are nearly a generation younger than me. But my health is good enough and I'd like to get my life together again, get back to work, hopefully meet someone before too late. Damn social anxiety really has been an obstacle all my life, only had a couple short-term girlfriends long ago when overseas.

It's hard getting older, guess we gotta be looking towards people closer to our own ages.


Apr 25, 2018
Lost Wages Nevada
It's hard getting older, guess we gotta be looking towards people closer to our own ages.
Part of the problem I had was when I was 42 and hanging out with the 19 year old Bi-sexual witch she brought me out of the 60's and into the 1990's. I learned to love the Goth scene and alternative music. Unfortunately almost all women my age are still stuck in the 60's and early 70's.

I have managed to get my wife to listen to a few, damn few, musicians I like, none of which are anywhere near the 60's music. I am heavily into Goth bands, Viking Folk Metal, Folk Metal, and a lot of European rock that you never hear over here. Women my age are basically "stick in the mud" when I want to get them involved into things I like. Not to mention way to prudish. My wife surprised me when she agreed to go to a Goth Club but she only went a couple of times, she claims she is to old to be into that sort of thing.

Most women our age are way to stuck in their ways, and have way to much baggage to be interesting. Good luck I hope you find someone, or you get real rich, then you can definitely get one of those sweet, hot 20 year olds....
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