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Depressed lonely trying to be hopefull



Active member
May 28, 2010
I'm new here and don't know where to start I'm 51 and been depressed to varying degrees my whole life. You always hear people when they get better or what they used to be like but I v always been like this so I'm begining to think there is no hope for me spent the last 30 years on lots of different meds and seen psychologist done online cbt read self help books but I'm still the same get short periods of optimism a few hours or occassionally a few days then back to my normal self. I have become an expert at hiding this and work full time . Had friends in the past but they never knew the real me. Moved to this area 6 years have a boyfriend who knows bits of how I feel he pretty depressed too. See him 2-3 times aweek.find it really hard to function spent last 2 weekends in bed and my house is a mess can't even get undressed to go to bed. What can I do would do anything not to be like this. Have no friends and have tried to find some. Is there any hope for me and is ther anyone else like me put there


May 27, 2010
Hi there. Of course theres hope for you. You hold down a job, you have insight into your illness and you are reaching out for friendship just by posting on this forum. Is there anything that triggers either the "good days" or the bad days? Is there anything you can do to prevent your mood going down when you feel it happening? Do you set yourself little goals to achieve?
When you have more positive moments you could write some little goals down. Do you keep a journal?
How much support do you have?
Im sure plenty of people relate to what you are going through, especially on here. I, for one, extend a hand of friendship to you. You havent given up and thats the most positive and important thing.


Active member
May 28, 2010
Thank you for replying to my post. Iv kind of accepted the way i am and don't see doctors or anything as they never have been of any help to me. I just try different things myself. I go through phazes about excessive worry about my health and tha slightest thing can set it off. My mood can change in a split second. It would be great to be a normal person. Thing is people Iv worked with over the years would never guess what I'm really like but it's so hard keeping it up. Tried writing down what I'm going to do that day but most times if not at work I'm in bed


Well-known member
Apr 28, 2010
Just wanted to say welcome and I hope you get the support you need on here hun x
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