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Depressed grandmother.



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May 29, 2008
I am really worried about my grandmother, she keeps talking about how she wants to die and stuff. we live in a big house, my grandmother lives in an appartment originally buildt to be rented out, but she lives there now. she is getting strange too, about the only thing keeping her entertained is the TV, we lost our TV signal here the other day and i came inside to her appartment to check out the TV, and seems as if she had just cried, her eyes were all red and glassy!

she never goes out to see other people anymore either, me, my mother and stepfather, witch she has a great realasionship (i can't spell, lol!) with is always there for her, but the only thing that keeps her good company is her cat, witch has dissapeared now and if we find it dead, i am afraid of what she is going to do to herself.

her mind is clear, but not necessarily sharp, but that runs in the family. :unsure:


You don't say how old your grandmother is but there is a lot more depression in elderly people than people in general imagine. Is there anyway you can get her out for an hour or two perhaps to meet people of her own generation, who talk her language? She has a caring family around her.