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Depressed & clueless - help me get the right help please



Jan 11, 2015
Hi All. My problems are mixed. I cannot control my mouth and either offend or say/do the daftest things. Unfortunately, I usually have no clue what I said wrong but over time, I have lost all my friends (am a social pariah) and now suffer depression and confidence issues. I often have insomnia and sometimes find it hard to concentrate on anything (I am consumed by being a pariah and a Loser – it’s all I ever think about these days). I increasingly vaguely think how much easier it would be to end it. By way of information, my parents divorced when I was two and have been in a bitter struggle involving me all my life (nearly 40). They have both always mentally abused me. I imagine I will need a therapist of some sort. I reckon I could also do with a life coach. Is there a combination of the two? I live outside the UK now, but I would only feel comfortable coming back (into London) to seek help. I need advice regarding what kind of help I could get. Is there a specialist (I can pay private – I would sell all my belongings at this stage, for mental peace) that can offer initial assessment and then tell me where to go from there i.e. what kind of help I need etc, what my options are etc? Please if you have any pointers in this regard, I would really appreciate it. Thanks I have been online for weeks but it all just confuses me.


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Jul 19, 2010
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Have replied to your other post in a different thread. :)