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Depressed and getting no help from doctors



New member
Dec 14, 2020
Hi all.

A little background...

I was born into an abusive family so ended up going into care at age 6. I was passed around the system until I turned 18. I was referred to CAMHS at a young age for various issues, including an eating disorder. I made a suicide attempt in my teens which led to hospital admission. I was put on fluoxetine which helped a lot. I took myself off them after I started to feel better.

Fast forward to 2020. I moved to a new area of the country in February for a new job. Lockdown came in March and, having no family and little friends to connect with, I became depressed again. I spoke to the doctors who put be back onto fluoxetine. These didn't help with my mood and gave me bad tinnitus. I then tried sertraline. No help from these, and the tinnitus continued. I was then put onto mirtazapine. The tinnitus went and I started to feel better. Until the weight gain started.

I spoke to the GP about my weight gain about 2 months ago. I asked if I can swap the mirtazapine. She told me that weight gain is a common side effect of mirtazapine, but the answer was no. She told me to make lifestyle changes. I told her I was eating the same as I always had. Still the answer was no.

I called the GP's again today and managed to speak to a different doctor. She was as cold and unfriendly as the last. I told her I have now put on 3 stone/19 kg since I started mirtazapine and that I am now classed as overweight according to BMI. I told her about my previous history with food. I told her I feel disgusted with myself and that I don't want to eat. Whenever I do, I feel guilty/ashamed. She didn't sound bothered. I asked if I can start a new medication. She told me that doctors can only prescribe three antidepressants (fluoxetine, sertraline, mirtazapine) which I'm pretty certain is not true. She told me that if none of those three work, then there's "not much else we can do"!

I have, through gritted teeth, agreed to go back onto sertraline just to stop the weight gain. But they didn't help my mood last time round and I feel 10x worse now than I did then. I'm stuck. Depressed, fat, lonely, and fearing a return of tinnitus that will stop me from sleeping. I don't want to eat but I'm scared of going down that road again.

What can I do?


Well-known member
Dec 11, 2020
hey i am sorry for everything that happened to you. but being overweight isnt something you should be disgusted of.
i dont really know what else i can tell you:/ hope everything will get better for you<3


Well-known member
Feb 7, 2020
Don't give up...keep pushing them. Also, study things on your own (Google) so that you know more about what they're saying and if they're telling you everything. Keep looking for a doctor who will listen.
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