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depressed all the time


lucy locket

New member
Apr 8, 2009
west midlands
ive been depressed for past 3 years now i cant seem to get better. i was on citalipram for a year then sudenly they just stoped working went back to docs gave me something else to try been on them past 5 months just felt ill on them and wasnt working so i worked myself off them now im trying st johns wort some days i feel good others pretty crap. so much is going on in my life nothing seems to be getting easy for me and now its causing major probs in my relationship. always feel low, and wollowing in self pity. i dont have a sex life which is adding to my probs ive tried pills and posions to boost sex life but nothing works im just waiting to see a counciller now its such a rubbish feeling being depressed is there really a way out of being depressed im supprised ive not run the sea dry with my tears. depression is such a cruel thing im glad ive found this site cos other people no how you feel if you talk to someone whos neva had depression its pointless taklin to em cos they dont understand. we need to try and be strong to beat this :(


Well-known member
Mar 26, 2009
lots of people do understand but i think those of us who are depressed feel like they don't most of the time.



Apr 7, 2009
Hi Lucy, Hang in there, i know its a cliche` but it does get better, Ive been on fluoxatine, seroxat, Haliperidol through the years, like you my depression started in my teens and because i thought it was just me being different to everyone else I didnt ask for help until it cost me my marriage.
I can only sympathise with you as i dont know about your journey and its not my place to pry, but Citolopram and CBT is working for me so far, i`m here coz im a fighter, depression aint gonna win. :p


Hi Lucy. I really think that you should go back to your GP and try another anti depressant as different types work for different people. I tried 3 different drugs before I found one that both worked and suited me. Luckily my GP didn't give up when the first drug failed to have the desired effect and thanks to his support neither did I.

I also wonder what pills and potions you are talking about taking for your sex drive and where you are getting them from?
I don't think anything can really help you with this but if your lack of sex drive is a symptom of your depression once you start to feel better like all symptoms this one should get better.

Keep posting Lucy and let us all know how you are doing.